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What happens to my healthcare information when I have a workers’ compensation claim?

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L-and-I claim medical records and HIPPA

It’s pretty common for people with workplace injury and an ongoing workers’ compensation claim to ask me about privacy rights. Especially when it comes to health information. Privacy of sensitive healthcare data such as medical history and treatment is important.   How does L&I or self-insured employers get my health records? I usually tell people […]

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L&I workplace injury claim arising from sun and heat exposure

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L-and-I work injury claim from sun and heat

In recent news, the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) reminded workers and employers of the dangers associated with sun and heat exposure. In the greater Tacoma and Seattle area, we are currently experiencing sunny days with highs reaching into the upper 80’s. Consequently, the Department is being proactive, trying to avoid L&I work injury claims […]