L&I Claim Vocational benefits: Option 1 versus Option 2

L&I claim option 1 versus option 2

What is Option 1 and Option 2?

This article is part of our series about vocational benefits in workers’ compensation and L&I claims. In this article, we’ll address the topic of “Option 1 versus Option 2”. The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) approves a vocational retaining plan once the Plan Development phase is complete. Then, injured workers have the option to participate in the retraining plan (Option 1) or to opt out of it (Option 2)… Continue to the full article.


One thought on “L&I Claim Vocational benefits: Option 1 versus Option 2

  1. I have just been approved for retraining. I now need to choose between option 1 or option 2. I am not really sure what i want to go to school for, I have been in the construction trade my entire life. Im not 100% sure about the ins and outs of both options. I would really like to go to school but now a days all schools are closed to in person schooling, and everything will be online. Are you able to tell me the benefits of both options… I am about 10 days in since being accepted and I am not sure what to tell my voc. councilor. If i choose option 1 do i get my permanent/partial disability check any time soon. I have a wife with cancer and my 15 year old boy has gone deaf out of one of his ears, we all live on a single income, which is my time loss. I run out of money really really quickly. My mortgage takes up about half of my money every month and I need to borrow money from my family every pay period about 200 dollars just to get by. We literally havent been out to eat or have done anything fun for the last couple years because of all this. If I choose option 2 am I able to reopen my claim if i hurt and or my injury keeps worsening. Please any info on these two options would be very grateful. Thank you

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