L&I Compensation Program for Crime Victims

Did you know that Washington State has a crime victim compensation program? Moreover, did you know that most experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can assist with crime victim claims?

Individuals who suffer bodily or emotional harm as a result of being the victim of a gross misdemeanor or felony can file a claim. If the claim is allowed, benefits provided may include medical treatment coverage, wage replacement, medication, counseling, funeral expenses, and more. However, a number of important conditions must be met in order for the claim to be allowed.

To learn more, visit the Department of Labor and Industries website: https://lni.wa.gov/claims/crime-victim-claims/apply-for-crime-victim-benefits/

Because crime victim claims are administered by the Department of Labor and Industries, most experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can also assist with crime victim claims. As always, if you have any questions, call us for free consultation at (360)-876-4123.

3 thoughts on “L&I Compensation Program for Crime Victims

  1. My son is a victim of vehicular assault he suffered traumatic brain injuries he is now in long term care facility the driver doesn’t have any insurance how can my son get compensation.

  2. I was assaulted by a female employee and no action was taken. I’ve since had to leave the job because they continually scheduled me to work with this employee.

  3. I was assaulted on Rainier Ave S
    Seattle Washington

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