L&I time-loss compensation

Workers compensation timeloss compensation

Look up “wage replacement” on the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) website. You will learn that you can be paid a portion of your lost wages as “time-loss compensation” benefits after an initial 3 day waiting period following an industrial injury. This benefit is only a percentage of what you were making at the time of injury.


Having your regular salary cut as low as 60% of normal due to inability to work as a result of your workplace injury can cause a huge financial stress. It means tightening up your belt so necessary expenses like rent, gas, and groceries are covered. It also means you rely on the time-loss check to arrive every 14 days so you can budget accordingly.


Time-loss is paid if “certified”. For State Funded claims managed by L&I. Their position is that your medical provider must certify your inability to work because of accepted medical condition(s) under the claim. Therefore, they should submit medical reports outlining objective findings (for physical conditions) and treatment plan every 60 days. Usually this is done with a chart note & an Activity Prescription Form (APF). You should also complete a Work Status Form (WSF/WVF) every 30 days.


You can access these forms on the L&I website & doctors often have the APF in their offices.

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