L&I Loss of Earning Power Benefits

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It is important to know the benefits available under the Industrial Insurance Act. Often, many injured workers are surprised to learn about Loss of Earning Power Benefits (LEP) from L&I. The LEP is a wage replacement benefit. LEP is available for injured workers who return to work following injuries or occupational diseases, but at diminished earning capacity.

If your claim is open, you may be eligible for LEP. The LEP applies if your loss of earnings is greater than five percent of your wages at the time of injury or date of manifestation. Additionally, you must obtain medical certification to indicate that the diminished work capacity is a result of the industrial injury or occupational disease.

For example, LEP may be payable when you return to part time work instead of full time as before. It may also be payable if you return to full time work at a lower paying job. To determine the value of your LEP benefits, you can use the Loss of Earning Power Calculations Worksheet from L&I. However, in order for LEP to be paid, you must complete and submit an Application for LEP Compensation form. This form requires information from the injured worker about their work pattern and rate of pay. The form also requires proof of current wages and medical certification.

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