What is the L&I Medical Provider Network or MPN?

L and I claim medical provider network MPN


What is L&I’s Medical Provider Network or MPN?

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) has a medical provider network, or MPN in short. L&I maintains the network to ensure quality of care and help injured workers quickly return to good health and their jobs. For emergency care or a first visit when a claim is filed, injured workers can choose any medical provider. The emergency medical provider need not be a member of the MPN. However, for ongoing treatment and designation of an attending provider (AP) injured workers must see a doctor that is a member of the MPN.


Physicians, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, podiatric physicians, ARNPs, PA-Cs, dentists and optometrists practicing in Washington State who want to treat injured workers must apply to be members of the MPN. Providers can apply online or through a written application. The complete requirements and tips for applying to join the MPN are published on the L&I Website.


When did the L&I medical provider network start?

The MPN was part of legislation passed in 2011 and was launched by L&I in January 2013. The Advisory Committee on Healthcare Innovation and Evaluation represents the health care community, business and labor to provide input on standards and policies for the MPN. This committee meets periodically to provide L&I with input and advice related to the MPN. A list of committee members is published on the L&I website.


Medical providers within the MPN are expected to be familiar with the Department’s “Medical Treatment Guidelines” and to follow recommendations. According to L&I these guidelines are evidence based. Some guidelines are intended to be educational tools for medical providers. Some guidelines and the review criteria are used by L&I in the utilization review and claim management process to promote best practices and improve the health of injured workers. They are published by L&I, which is solely responsible for coverage decisions that may result from their use. In addition to treatment guidelines, L&I maintains numerous other publications and forms designed to assist providers within the MPN in providing treatment to injured workers in Washington State.


L&I encourages injured workers to use the Find a Doc search feature on the Department’s website to find attending and treating providers that are members of the MPN.


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