How to Change a Doctor in the Middle of an L&I Claim in Washington State

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Changing your doctor during L&I workers compensation claim

Injured workers in Washington State must designate one attending medical provider on their claim. As I’ve explained previously, the attending provider plays a very important role in workers’ compensation claims. Therefore, I always encourage injured workers to select their attending provider (AP) carefully.   Changing your attending physician in the middle of a claim For […]

L&I Provides Free Workshops to Help Medical Providers in Washington State

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L-and-I training for medical providers

Our office works closely with medical providers to ensure that L&I and Third Party Administrators receive the information needed to effectively administer claims. Sometimes providing effective assistance to medical offices requires a bit of balancing on our part. This is because we don’t want to interfere with medical treatment or with the patient-physician relationship. At […]

L&I Improves Vocational and Rehabilitation Services: New Rules

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L-and-I vocational rehabilitation counselors rule change

On June 4th, 2019, L&I announced it is beginning new rule making process to improve vocational services in workers’ compensation cases. According to L&I, this is because vocational services are critical for helping injured workers return to work. L&I believes that changes it has already made to vocational services have resulted in significant improvements. These […]

IME Panels Not Available in Washington State Olympic Peninsula

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IME Panel for Injured Workers in Washington State

I represent a significant number of injured workers residing on the Washington State Olympic Peninsula. Over time, I noticed a troubling trend involving non-cooperation and the IME process. The law regarding IMEs is quite clear under RCW 51.32.110. The law says that injured workers are required to submit to these kinds of examinations. It is […]

Date of Manifestation in Occupational Disease Claims in Washington State

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Occupational disease claim date of manifestation

There are differences between occupational disease and industrial injury claims. However, the benefits available to injured workers under each of the two types of claims are the same. In addition, the rules for administering the claims are very similar, with a few exceptions.   What is an occupational disease claim? An occupational disease is a […]

L&I Sends $503,200 Fine to Dollar Tree in Washington State

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L&I fines employer for work place safety violation

When we think of jobsites that pose high risk for industrial injuries, we think of jobsites that involve heavy equipment, complex machinery and power tools. Other examples of high risk environments include hazards such as heights or high voltage. However, a news bulletin from the Department of Labor and Industries earlier this week serves as […]

Washington State Supreme Court Asked to Weigh in on for Workers’ Compensation Cases

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Washington State L-and-I Workers Compensation Cases

Today the Washington State Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that very likely will have dramatic implications for the future of workers’ compensation law in the State of Washington. After reviewing pleadings in this case, I believe the Court’s decision will address significant legal concepts, which function as pillars of the administration of workers’ […]

The Seattle Crane Collapse: A Workers’ Compensation Viewpoint

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Construction Work Injury Workers Compensation Washington State

Since the news broke about the collapse of a crane in Downtown Seattle on April 27, 2019, I’ve struggled with whether to comment about the event and what to say. I decided to post about it because I want to share an important message at a time when I feel people may be more open […]

Happy Administrative Professionals week!

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Workers Compensation Attorney Admin

Happy administrative professionals’ week to all admins out there! Did you know that it’s administrative professionals’ week this week?   Work injury for administrative workers When we think of high injury professions, we often think of ones with physically demanding jobs. While it is true that most administrative professional work is sedentary in nature, it […]