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October 1, 2019 marked my one-year anniversary at Reck Law, PLLC - Workers' Compensation Attorneys. As I reflect on the year, I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made. We’ve forged new relationships with existing Casey & Casey, P.S. clients after taking over their workers' comp law firm. We also continued taking responsibility for the great legal service that Gerald Casey and Carol Casey, two highly regarded workers' compensation lawyers, provided to injured workers in Kitsap County for decades.

New offices in the Greater Seattle area

Over the last year we expanded our presence. We established office locations in King County (in Mercer Island and Renton) and in Pierce County (Tacoma), in addition to our administrative office building located in South Kitsap County (Port Orchard). Speaking of offices, we completed a significant interior renovation at the Port Orchard admin building, including fresh paint, and new flooring, window treatments, and lighting.

A high-tech workers' comp law firm

We also made some much-needed technology upgrades such as a new phone system, upgrading our internet service, new case management software and systems, and upgrading computer equipment. This allowed us to transition into an efficient and modern paperless office.

I believe that these upgrades have improved our ability to provide excellent service to the injured workers we represent. However, these changes are nothing more than aesthetics and tools. I know that our most important asset is our team. This team is dedicated, compassionate, professional, and always willing to roll up their sleeves to tackle whatever needs tackling.

Helping injured workers with workers' compensation and L&I claims

More than anything, the past year has been about providing great legal representation for injured workers. While there certainly have been some ups and downs, we have had tremendous success defending the rights of injured workers. We’ve implemented a proactive approach to helping claims move forward productively. We’ve revamped the way our office handles the vocational process, providing more hands-on support and direction for our clients.

We’ve revived claims that had been stalled for years. We’ve secured back benefits for clients that had gone without for far too long. We successfully litigated a number of cases before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. We have diligently worked to resolve matters pending at Superior Court. We have successfully negotiated claim resolutions to benefit the injured workers we represent, including structured settlements and pensions.

If this first year is any indication of what’s to come, the future looks bright for our continued representation of injured workers in Washington State.

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