Workers' Compensation Continued Legal Education (CLE) Presentation

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Today I presented at the NBI Workers’ Compensation Continued Legal Education (CLE) seminar. My presentation was about preparing your case from investigation through appeal. Other presenters provided an overview of workers compensation and discussed medical issues in workers compensation. Some gave practice tips for presenting cases before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeal (BIIA).

In general, there aren't many opportunities to learn about workers’ compensation topics from a diverse group of people and interests. Today, attendees and presenters included claimants’ attorneys, attorneys for self insured employers and attorneys representing individual employers. On top, there were paralegals and legal assistants, Board judges, and HR representatives. I was very impressed by the group. Overall, everyone was professional while staying true to their various positions. Many people participated in respectful and informative debates on a variety of subjects.

I attended all talks at the seminar today. Nothing made me alter my perspectives on workers’ compensation concepts or issues. However, it was a good reminder that there are many perspectives and parties involved in workers’ compensation cases. It is always important to digest and understand the opposing position. Workers’ compensation law is no different. Today helped me build an even more thorough understanding of the various diverse interests. I am confident that I can use the information I obtained to better serve my clients.

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