Workers' Compensation Attorney

A work injury can have significant impact on you and your family. Injured workers often face the risk of losing their source of income, the ability to provide for their loved ones, or to return to their normal lives after a severe injury that results in disability. Some injured workers want nothing but to return to work. Others might not be able to go back to their job because of medical limitations and require retraining or vocational rehabilitation to start a new career. For those who suffer partial or full disability, additional medical and financial benefits must be obtained in order to ensure that they can recover from their injury and continue with their life.

Work injuries can be very intimidating.
Insurance claims can be very complex and take a long time.
We understand that. We are here to help.

Reck Law, PLLC is dedicated to representing injured workers in the State of Washington. Workers’ compensation law and workman’s compensation claims are all we do. We help injured workers like you fight for the benefits you deserve by developing the best case strategy for your workers’ compensation claim, managing your claim process at all levels, all the way through litigation. Whether your claim is with L&I or a private insurance company through a self-insured employer, we are here to help. Our attorneys include some of the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Washington State. We have decades of experience representing injured workers in both simple and complex matters. Let us help. Call us today for free consultation.