L&I claims – Important terms

Industrial Injury Claim & Occupational Disease Claim

There are two kinds of workers’ compensation claims in Washington State: An industrial injury claim and occupational disease claim. Often, arguments are made to decide if an industrial injury claim should be allowed... Read more.

Self-insured Employer Claims versus L&I State-Funded Claims

In the State of Washington, claim administration can either be State funded or Self-insured. Both types of claims are governed by the same Industrial Insurance Act. We have experience representing all... Continue to read.

L&I claim attending physician or attending provider

Attending Physician or Attending Provider

Injured workers are required to designate an attending provider or attending physician (AP) on their L&I claim or workers’ compensation claim. In very simple terms, the AP is the medical provider that manages... Read more.

L&I claim medical provider network MPN

L&I's Medical Provider Network or MPN

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) has a medical provider network, or MPN in short. L&I maintains the network to ensure quality of care and help injured workers quickly return to good health and their... Continue to read.

L&I claim independent medical examination IME

Independent Medical Examiner or IME

Typically, an IME evaluates and documents the condition of workers covered under the Industrial Insurance Act. To that end, IMEs may decide whether the injured worker has reached their maximum benefit... Learn more.

Time-Loss Compensation and Temporary Total Disability

The term “time-loss compensation” refers to the benefit that L&I provides when injured workers are temporarily and totally disabled. Here is the legal definition of temporary total disability and the medical certification... Continue reading.

Activity Prescription Form or APF

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) provides time-loss compensation and loss of earning power (LEP) benefits during the open and active phase of a workers' compensation claim. However, there must be... Read more.

Loss of Earning Power (LEP) Benefits

If you switch to lower paying job because of work injury or occupational disease, you may receive Loss of Earning Power (LEP) benefits. Earning power refers to a worker’s ability to earn income as a result of... Learn more.

Physical or Functional Capacities Evaluation (PCE or FCE in short)

The open and active phase of an L&I claim or self-insured employer workers' compensation claim is the phase where the claim is open and the injured worker is actively receiving necessary and proper... Read more.

L&I claim maximum medical improvement or medical fixity

Maximum Medical Improvement and Medical Fixity

Under the Industrial Insurance Act, injured workers are entitled to receive proper and necessary health care services for the diagnosis and treatment of any condition causally related under the L&I claim. Proper and... Read more.

Vocational Services and Retraining

If you're in the process of working on your workers' compensation claim or L&I claim, you might be eligible for vocational services. These services are a somewhat complex benefit under the Industrial... Continue to read.

L&I claim vocational dispute resolution

Vocational Dispute Resolution or VRDO

While vocational retraining can be a tremendous benefit under the right circumstances, I don’t believe enough emphasis is placed on a holistic analysis of the injured worker’s ultimate ability to become... Learn more.

L&I claim vocational benefits option 1 versus option 2

Option 1 versus Option 2

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) approves a vocational retaining plan once the Plan Development phase is complete. Then, injured workers have the option to participate in... Continue to read.

L&I claim permanent partial disability award ppd

Permanent Partial Disability Award (PPD)

If you have an allowed industrial injury or occupational disease claim in Washington State, Permanent Partial Disability award or PPD is likely to come up at some point. A PPD award is one the monetary benefits... Read more.

Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA)

I am often asked about the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (Board or BIIA) and its role in L&I claims or self-insured workers’ compensation claims and cases. The Board is a Washington State agency that... Learn more.

L&I claim structured settlement agreement

Structured Settlements and Structured Settlement Agreement (CRSSA)

In State funded workers’ compensation claims, when we speak of settlements, we usually mean structured settlements or CRSSAs. If you are over 50 years old and have an accepted claim that is older than 180 days... Continue to read.

L&I claim pension

Pension in L&I Claims or Self-insured Employer Claims

Sometimes injured workers suffer such significant permanent impacts from their industrial injuries and illnesses that they are incapable of returning to work. Under the Industrial Insurance Act, this is called Total Permanent... Read more.