WLIG Annual Convention

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workers compensation speaking engagement

It was my pleasure speaking at the WILG Annual Convention today. My talk was focused on ethical considerations when representing injured workers who are or may be addicted to opioid pain medication.   A big thank you to the conference attendees who openly participated. Many folks in the audience helped foster a productive conversation about […]

Workers Compensation Claims and Attending Physicians

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Workers comp claim and attending physician

Did you know that many injured workers have difficulties obtaining an “attending physician” for their claims?   The role of attending physician (AP) is incredibly important. The AP certifies entitlement to benefits and makes treatment recommendations. APs also make appropriate referrals and their opinion is given special consideration.   While injured workers may choose their […]

Opioids Usage Among Work Injury Claimants

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Injured workers compensation claim

I am a workers’ compensation attorney representing injured workers in Washington State. As such, the use of opioids among injured workers, and at large, is on my mind. Not just because I’ll be speaking on the topic in a few days but also because the issue arises so frequently.   Today I had meetings with […]

L&I Workers Compensation and the Opioids Problem

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work injury claim and opioids

I’m going to be speaking about ethical considerations when representing opioid addicted clients at a conference next week. Ironically I’m in the midst of dealing with a significant opioid addiction issue in a current case.   While I think that the Department of Labor and Industries has a logical stance and good medical treatment guidelines […]

Medical Questionnaire for Work Injury Claimants

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Today a spent a good amount of time on the phone with a treating medical provider trying to explain why I sent him a questionnaire asking whether an injured worker had reached maximum medical improvement. Whether a provider thinks his patient needs further treatment is a pretty basic opinion. However, the provider was clearly rattled by […]

L&I Compensation Program for Crime Victims

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Did you know that Washington State has a crime victim compensation program? Moreover, did you know that most experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can assist with crime victim claims? Individuals who suffer bodily or emotional harm as a result of being the victim of a gross misdemeanor or felony can file a claim. If the claim […]