First Responders Denied Mental Health Conditions in Claims

Workers Compensation For First Responders

Did you know that there is a trend across the United States to deny workers’ compensation claims of first responders for mental heath conditions? This includes PTSD resulting from situations they encounter when responding to events while in the line of duty.


Did you know there is a trending increase in suicide rates among first responders? I had no idea this was occurring. I learned at at the #WILGinVegas conference this week. What and injustice!


Imagine the trauma suffered by someone who must respond to a mass casualty scene… blood, bodies, cell phones ringing non stop. What about the emotional health of behind the scenes workers that have to clean up the scene?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: America, we need to protect the health of our workers! That means we need to make sure workers have access to the treatment they need when they suffer trauma at work!

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