Injured workers and workers’ compensation cases in Port Angeles, WA

L&I claim and workers compensation attorney in Port Angeles

Today I participated in a deposition and a hearing in Port Angeles. I have several injured worker clients that live in and around Port Angeles. Geographically, Port Angeles is located on the north end of the Olympic Peninsula in Clallam County. The setting is beautiful since the town lies between the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Because of its location, unlike many other towns throughout the Peninsula, Port Angeles enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine per year.


In terms of industry, Port Angles was once a mill town and that background and history still shows. However, in 1981 the logging industry was crippled with the discovery that the densely wooded area is home to the endangered spotted owl. As a result, many long-time loggers found themselves unemployed and in need of a new trade. There is no question that this loss of a significant industry impacted the city financially. However, as time has passed, new industry has moved into town with a big boost coming from a bustling new shipyard taking advantage of a sheltered harbor and deep water.


Port Angeles is also home to Angeles Composite Technologies, which is a world class supplier of structural composite assemblies and components serving global military and commercial aerospace markets. In addition to maritime and manufacturing, other leading trades in Port Angeles include retail trade and transportation, warehousing and utilities. The city has also invested in high speed internet, fiber optic service, and cellular phone service making it an attractive location for telecommuters who can take advantage of comparatively low real estate costs for coastal properties with exemplary views.


I enjoyed my time in Port Angeles today and look forward to more opportunities to interact with my clients in the area. No matter where I stopped in Port Angeles today, I found the people I encountered to be warm, welcoming and friendly. I’d especially like to thank Lower Elwha Food and Fuel for the free cup of coffee they gave me for no reason other than to be kind.

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