L&I Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

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L&I has a program called Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP). PGAP is described as “best practices” evidence-based treatment program for reducing disability associated with pain, depression and other chronic conditions.

The PGAP was developed in Canada. The goals of PGAP include reduction of psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation, re-integrating into life-role activities, and increasing quality of life. Additional goals include facilitating return to work using targeted treatment of psychosocial risk factors, structured activity scheduling, graded-activity involvement, goal-setting and problem-solving and motivational enhancement.

In Washington State, injured workers who haven’t returned to work 4 weeks following injury are candidates for PGAP. Referrals to PGAP come from attending providers and vocational counselors. injured workers referred for PGAP are connected with trained activity coaches. Sixty minute meetings occur weekly for a maximum of 10 weeks.

PGAP is currently an optional program. This is a good thing, since I don’t think PGAP is for everyone. If initiated at the right time for an engaged and willing injured worker, PGAP can be an incredible resource. However, if the timing isn’t right and the program is not a good fit, PGAP can be overwhelming and counter productive.

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