L&I Retraining Programs for Work Injury Claimants

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When people have L&I claims and cannot return to work without retraining, they will likely go through a retraining program. There are a variety of different options for retraining. These options include college programs, vocational or technical schools, online programs and even on the job training.

On-the-job retraining programs

Many of the people I represent who have been injured at work like the idea of learning new job skills through on the job retraining. However, sometimes these types of plans can be difficult to develop. In many cases, it's because employers are not willing to meet L&I’s on-the-job retraining requirements.

However, on the job training can be valuable for both injured workers and employers. Some of the benefits for employers include:
(1) Access to a pool of trainees for hard-to-fill positions;
(2) The ability to evaluate workers prior to offering them full time positions; and
(3) Up to two years worth of training fees to compensate for time and cost of training.
On the job training is also valuable for people with work injury who excel in active and hands-on educational settings.

L&I contact info and personal notes

If you are an employer and you want to provide on-the-job retraining, you can contact the L&I Return to Work services. Their number is (360) 902- 6576. You can also email them at VocRehabProgram@lni.wa.gov. As an employer myself, I can personally attest to the fact that retrained injured workers are an asset. They bring a unique level of life experience and reverence for employment that many other job applicants lack.

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