Opioids use among injured workers

Injured workers compensation claim

I am a workers’ compensation attorney representing injured workers in Washington State. As such, the use of opioids among injured workers, and at large, is on my mind. Not just because I’ll be speaking on the topic in a few days but also because the issue arises so frequently.


Today I had meetings with two different clients who both rely on opioids for chronic pain control. One acknowledged the limiting impact these medications have on his ability to live an active lifestyle. And at the same time, acknowledging that he relies on the medication for effective pain control and some quality of life.


The other acknowledged reliance on the medications for effective pain control, and expressed frustrations that the national concern over opioids is “blown out of proportion” and only complicates his ability to access the medications he needs to cope with his unremitting pain.


As an attorney representing injured workers in Washington State, is my clients’ opioid use any of my business? I care, and I think it is.

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