Representing Washington State Injured Workers' Across the State and Out-of-State

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Did you know that we represent Washington State injured workers almost everywhere across the state? And some that moved out of state? Our technology infrastructure enables us to work with clients no matter where they reside...

I strive to provide my clients with excellent representation. In my opinion, providing excellent representation requires relevant workers’ compensation experience and knowledge, tenacity both administratively and in litigation, the ability to provide well-reasoned advice, and the ability to effectively interact and communicate with clients and all other individuals involved in the L&I or private insurance claims process.

One thing I love about my office in Port Orchard, is that my local clients feel comfortable coming to my office to meet with me or with other individuals, like vocational counselors, as we navigate the workers' compensation claim process. In addition to regularly interacting with my clients, I enjoy meeting dogs, children, grandchildren, spouses, friends, and other family members as I get to know my clients and understand the full impact their work injury claims have on their lives.

In this modern era where computers and technology have replaced so much of our genuine human interaction, I am grateful to have face-to-face interaction with the individuals I represent. While I never want to lose these genuine face-to-face interactions, I also pride myself in being able to effectively represent clients that are not located geographically close to my home office in Port Orchard.

Since taking over as the managing attorney of Casey & Casey, PS and launching Reck Law, PLLC we worked hard and invested in creating superior technology infrastructure that enables us to effectively represent our clients, no matter where they reside. Whether my clients are located out-of-state or across Washington State in locations such as Winthrop, Wenatchee, Yakima, Everett, Tacoma, Olympia, Longview, Sequim, Port Angeles, Vancouver and Centralia, our office is equipped to effectively represent those workers even if they cannot physically come into the Port Orchard home office.

From consultations, to the paperwork associated with representation, and in every aspect of claim management, we have the technology in place to exchange documents quickly and efficiently, whether with our clients or with vocational counselors, L&I claims managers, third party administrators or other attorneys to keep workers' compensation claims on track with positive forward progress. If litigation arises during a workers' comp claim, hearings and trials are set in counties based on the injured worker’s residence and I travel to the hearing location that is closest to my clients’ homes.

We are capable and ready to provide excellent representation for all Washington State injured workers. Everyone deserves justice, regardless of where they reside.

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