Frustrating Yet Successful Week for My Workers' Compensation Clients

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This week has been challenging. I was in Olympia twice for hearings, in Tacoma twice for depositions and in North Seattle one day for a claim related meeting. I also encountered a banking issue that I thought was a serious problem but turned out to be relatively minor and resolved easily with a trip to the bank. However, if the week weren’t busy enough, when you add in personal life, there were certainly times I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.

This afternoon as I was driving back to the office from my final deposition of the week, I found myself quite frustrated by my perception that it had been a wasteful week. I felt like I spent more time out of the office than in the office getting work done. I have a backlog of calls I need to return, a slew of emails I need to reply too, mail that needs to be reviewed and filed and next week isn’t looking much better.

As a result, when I got back to the office I got right to work trying to address as many outstanding issues as I could. I must admit, that late afternoon push helped to calm some of my frustrations and gave me some mental breathing room to truly reflect on what I accomplished this week. I may have felt disconnected form the office and always on the run, but I accomplished a lot this week.

In addition to the depositions, hearings, and meetings on my calendar, I managed to negotiate a completely favorable appeal resolution minutes before the hearing was set to begin. I got two favorable resolutions on other appeals before hearings had to be set. I convinced a doctor with a specific specialty to see one of my clients in desperate need of treatment within that specialty. I secured retroactive benefits for a relatively new client. I signed on to represent two new clients, and I am lucky enough to have an office staff that competently held down the fort wile I was out at depositions and meetings!

With just a little time and perspective, I’m happy to end this week on a positive note: Feeling content with everything I accomplished and ready to do it again next week. Bring it on!

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