Happy Administrative Professionals week!

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Happy administrative professionals’ week to all admins out there! Did you know that it’s administrative professionals’ week this week?


Work injury for administrative workers

When we think of high injury professions, we often think of ones with physically demanding jobs. While it is true that most administrative professional work is sedentary in nature, it does not mean administrative professionals are not exposed to work conditions that can result in workplace injuries or illnesses. In addition to miscellaneous injuries that can occur such a injuries due to faulty equipment or furniture, and trips and falls, administrative professionals who spend the majority of the day sitting may develop back and neck problems.


Many issues can arise form prolonged sitting postures. Those who work on computers a majority of the day may experience headaches and eye strain form that activity, and those who may be required to handle voluminous paper files may develop upper extremity and back conditions. In my experience, ergonomically appropriate work stations, comfortable chairs, the ability to change positions throughout the day, and avoiding significantly repetitive tasks are some ways to help prevent workplace illnesses and injuries for administrative professionals.


Thank you for all you do

I hope that everyone has a wonderful administrative professionals’ week and that all the administrative professionals receive the praise and gratitude they deserve, this week and always. It is difficult to express just how much I appreciate the administrative professionals I work with and I hope they know how much their hard work means to me and to our clients.

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