Confusion and Misunderstanding in Workers Compensation Claims

Workers compensation claims appeal

One difficulty I have when trying to communicate with injured workers about their claims is overcoming lack of understanding or misunderstanding of how the workers’ compensation system works. This can be easy to correct by simply providing the injured worker with a brief outline of the claim process, benefit types, and most pertinent requirements.


However, there are times when an injured worker has gone so far down a misinformed path, that they are resistant to hearing the message and become agitated and argumentative. This is probably because many injured workers fear making mistakes in their claims. With a few important exceptions, such as failing to protest or appeal a determinative order within the 60 day deadline, it is pretty difficult for an injured worker make a mistake that is truly irreparable.


My goal is that by helping injured workers understand how to work with the system, they can help keep their claim moving forward appropriately rather than feeling like they are perpetually swimming up stream. In order to achieve this goal, my delivery must convey appropriate information without disenfranchising the injured worker by making it seem like I am criticized any lack of knowledge or misunderstanding.

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