L&I Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

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Workmens Compenstaion PGAP Program

L&I has a program called Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP). PGAP is described as “best practices” evidence-based treatment program for reducing disability associated with pain, depression and other chronic conditions. The PGAP was developed in Canada. The goals of PGAP include reduction of psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation, re-integrating into life-role activities, and increasing quality of […]

L&I Claims – Process and Procedure

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Workmens Compensation Claim Process

In workmen’s compensation claims, there is a process for everything. In theory, if all the processes were followed properly, injured workers wouldn’t need representation and claims would progress from inception to completion efficiently. In reality, failure to follow the proper process can have significant negative impacts on the progress of a claim. L&I has a […]

Holidays Can Be Tough for Work Injury Claimants

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Workers compensation claims giving thanks

Today is Thanksgiving, and I can’t ignore the fact that I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for my family, the people who stand by me, encourage me, and inspire me. I am thankful for my children, they have made my heart so much bigger than I ever thought it could […]

L&I Guide for Washington Injured Workers Moving Out of State

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L&I claim guide to leaving Washington State

Getting injured in Washington State (especially in areas where the cost of living is higher) can be a financial disaster. L&I or private insurance time-loss compensation (the monetary benefit paid when you are incapable of working because of your injury or disease) is only a percentage of what you were making at the time of […]

L&I Loss of Earning Power Benefits

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L&I claim LEP form

It is important to know the benefits available under the Industrial Insurance Act. Often, many injured workers are surprised to learn about Loss of Earning Power Benefits (LEP) from L&I. The LEP is a wage replacement benefit. LEP is available for injured workers who return to work following injuries or occupational diseases, but at diminished […]

L&I Time-Loss Compensation

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Workers compensation timeloss compensation

Look up “wage replacement” on the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) website. You will learn that you can be paid a portion of your lost wages as “time-loss compensation” benefits after an initial 3 day waiting period following an industrial injury. This benefit is only a percentage of what you were making at the […]

Attending Physicians are Very Important for Workers’ Compensation Claims

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workers compensation claim attending physician

In workers’ compensation we rely heavily on the opinions of the attending physician and treating providers. However, in order for an opinion to be truly valuable it must have a strong basis. In the legal setting, an opinion that is merely conclusory will generally not be given the same weight as an opinion that is […]

Confusion and Misunderstanding in Workers Compensation Claims

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Workers compensation claims appeal

One difficulty I have when trying to communicate with injured workers about their claims is overcoming lack of understanding or misunderstanding of how the workers’ compensation system works. This can be easy to correct by simply providing the injured worker with a brief outline of the claim process, benefit types, and most pertinent requirements.   […]

L&I Workers Compensation Claims and Paperwork

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Workers Compensation claims and paperword

One of the difficulties in workers’ compensation claims is the paperwork requirements. Everyone involved in  workers’ compensation claims have significant paperwork demands. Attending physicians, treating providers, counselors, therapists, employers and injured workers. Sometimes paperwork is confusing. Sometimes it feels unnecessary. And sometimes it is incredibly burdensome. As a result paperwork frequently isn’t done right. It […]

First Responders Denied Mental Health Conditions in Claims

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Workers Compensation For First Responders

Did you know that there is a trend across the United States to deny workers’ compensation claims of first responders for mental heath conditions? This includes PTSD resulting from situations they encounter when responding to events while in the line of duty.   Did you know there is a trending increase in suicide rates among […]